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Dealing with internet trolls that stress you out? Here are some helpful tips to help deal with online bullies.

If you’ve ever heard about cyberbullies or trolls online, then you may have an idea that they are up to no good. The internet opens many doors of opportunities for many, but the drawbacks are inevitable.

The internet cannot filter out keyboard warriors that are up to no good, so you will have to know how to deal with them effectively so you can keep your peace at all times. If you have been a victim of online trolls and bullies in the past, here are some measures you can do to make yourself stronger the next time they try to get in your head. 

10 Tips On How To Deal With Online Bullies Or Trolls

There may be a slight difference between trolls and online bullies, but their main goal remains the same, and that is to cause harm, chaos, and psychological damage. When this happens, you can follow the following steps to take control of the situation.

How To Deal With Online Bullies Or Trolls

1. Be real with yourself. 

You may encounter words that may damage your ego and disrupt your mindset when you read comments or messages from online trolls and bullies. But do not forget that those people do not know you entirely.

You know your strengths and weaknesses, and if they happen to brush through your weaknesses, acknowledge your feeling, and focus on changing your mindset to improving those you lack and are not good at. 

2. Confide with a support group.

Sometimes, the stress may be too overwhelming that you can’t help but think that all they are saying may be true. Do not let yourself fall into that hole.

Reach out to people you trust and confide in them. Tell them about your feelings and ask them for feedback. These people will surely reassure you and strengthen your drive to carry on with your life.

3. Fast from social media.

These people only have power online. Since most of these come from the internet or on social media, it would be good to fast from technology for a little while.

Their words and their opinions only have power over you let it. Remove yourself from a place that can make you vulnerable to those people.

4. Take action.

They say the best way to deal with these people is to ignore them. While that may be true and a good way to handle it, it also helps to take action.

If someone disrupts your peace and gives you negative vibrations, feel free to block them and eliminate them from your circle. Disconnect from people who try to bring you down. 

5. Choose your battles.

There is a right time for everything. There are times when you will have to fight back and stand up for yourself, and there are times when the best thing to do is to walk away. These online trolls and bullies do not deserve your time and attention. Trying to resolve every one of those will only cause you to feel more stressed and drain you of your time, resources, and emotional stability.

Respect yourself enough to take the initiative to walk away and think it through. Before engaging with these people, ask yourself if it is worth it and if you really have anything to gain from confronting them.

6. Beware of having a “victim” mindset.

At this point, you may be a victim of people who are abusive but do not let it get to you. Sometimes, being stuck with a mindset that you are always a victim hinders you from moving forward. Do not let this mindset hold you and leave you stuck in a ground that is not healthy for you.

Let yourself grieve for the damage it has caused you but make sure to get over it after some time. You were not put in this world to always be a victim. 

7. Heal from the pain. 

The pain and the hurt from falling on the hands of these online bullies and trolls are valid. All of those emotions that you are feeling are understandable. Be careful with how you think and how you take it. People who let anger and revenge linger through their system usually end up hurting themselves more.

Forgive those who harm you and walk away. Spend your energy in healing instead of letting it build up inside you. 

8. Get takeaways

If you have had some mistakes and failures in the past, make sure to leave them there. What are important are the lessons you get from it. Any experience or struggle is futile if you do not get something positive out of it. Being a victim of online trolls and bullies can teach you lessons that would mold you into being a better person for yourself and those around you.

Make sure to focus on getting the lesson instead of taking everything in, including all the negatives. Learn to leave the experience in the past and move on with lessons for the future. 

9. Watch your thoughts. 

Sometimes, being stuck in a rot because of online trolls and bullies can make you feel as if you are cornered into a spot where you cannot move away. Remember that these people do not know you, and they do not control you. Only you have the power over your life.

Start by being mindful of your thoughts. Be careful with how you think. Make sure you consciously focus on the positive and what is good for you. 

10. Be a good example.

People who have been abused and harassed by online bullies and trolls sometimes take the wrong path. They think they have the right to do it to others because they have experienced it themselves. Do not let yourself fall into this trap.

The best way to live a better life would be to be a good example to everyone around you. Live a life that will prove all those online keyboard warriors wrong. 

The world can be cruel but so can the people in it too. With a platform where people are free to be mean, it is important to know how to preserve our peace and self-respect. In a world where people can harass, bully, and destroy you, make sure you know how to disconnect and rise above all of it.

If you are experiencing this in your life, apply a few or all of the tips mentioned above. In time, you will be grateful that you did. Always remember that nothing and no one has power over you unless you give it to them. Take control of your life and make the best out of it despite people wanting to put you down.


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