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The Nice-To-Haves Vs Need-To-Haves For Your Dorm Room

When you are going off to college, you have to think about what to pack for your dorm room. This dorm room checklist will help you decide between what you need to have vs what’s nice to have. Is it time to head for the college dorm? What on Earth are you going to pack? […] Read more…

7 Tips For Getting Along With Your Difficult College Roommate

college roommate tips

Trying to deal with a difficult roommate in college? Sometimes, we don’t click with certain people. Here are some tips to get along with your college roommate. Are you in college and looking for some simple tips to get along with your college roommate? You’re not alone! What often starts out as a friendly living […] Read more…

7 Things Students Should Know Before Taking Out Student Loans

Student loan tips

Looking for advice and tips on student loans for college? Part of adulting means you have to looking into ways for paying for college, including student loans. Here are 7 things students should know before taking out student loans. Are you a college student contemplating taking out student loans? Before you do, you need to […] Read more…