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Many people are trying out the latest online dating platforms dominating different countries around the world. There are many reasons why people choose online dating platforms to find new friends and a potential companion.

It is easy, convenient, and is great at giving you a broader network that allows you to meet people of different races, cultures, and interests. If you have already met someone online and have decided to finally meet each other in person, here are some of the things that you can do to make it a pleasant and promising experience. 

Tips on How to Go from Online Dating to Real Life Dating

If you have decided to take it a step further and venture to get to know the other personally, here are some things to keep it positive and brimming with fire. 

How To Go From Online Dating To Real Life Dating

Make It a Goal to Converse

Before engaging with someone online, make it a habit to check on their profile first. Check out the information that gives you an idea of how they are in real life and their interests.

Avoid messaging them with lines that do not lead to a substantial conversation. You can use the information you get from their profile to start a conversation. 

Create a Good Profile

While you are in the getting-to-know phase, make sure that your profile is a truthful and accurate reflection of who you are as a person. This includes photos that show your entire body and gives the other person a visual of how you look in person.

Make sure that each photo shows your features clearly and is current. This sets the expectation and the other person’s picture of you.

Putting photos taken years ago or photos that have features that no longer exist can negatively impact your personal meeting. Uploading photos that includes you also lessens and eliminates the chances of looking like a fake or scammer.

Invest in Being a Good Catch

If there is one truth about online dating, it would be that you cannot expect someone great to be interested in you if you have nothing to offer yourself. You will have to invest in yourself and take on habits that make you a good catch. By practicing good hygiene, investing in developing talents, engaging in interesting hobbies, and working on every aspect of yourself, you become a good catch yourself.

Set a Good Time to Meet

A lot of people advise that the meeting should be set within two weeks. This is to ensure that the fire does not burn out and establish a stronger sense of trust between the two.

Meeting at a relatively early time can lessen the chances of the other person catfishing or lying to you. On a good note, this also sets the expectations and makes both sides’ interests clearer. By experiencing a real-life connection, you determine and come up with ways to help the relationship grow in the future. 

how to go from dating online to dating in person

Make It Happen

Now that you have already spent some time communicating and getting to know the other person online, determine which path you want to take and be clear with it. Online dating is straightforward, so you can go ahead and invite them to date while being clear with your purpose.

It can be to get to know them more; it can be to clear out space or emphasize your decision to keep it at a friendship level or engage in steps to go beyond it. It is important to set expectations as early as you can. 

Act Properly

Meeting a person through an online platform does not permit you to act wrongly or rudely around him or her. Learn how to behave yourself, especially when handling conversations about their personal life.

Be polite, courteous, and sensitive when conversing with the other person. If the other person sees that you value and treat them with respect, the transition from online dating to real-life dating will definitely be easier.  


The dating methods might have upgraded and become more contemporary, but the main essence of it remains the same. A potential relationship you found online can be a great and lasting relationship in real life.

Check out the tips mentioned above and use them to prepare for that special day. Treat it like how you would like a relationship that started traditionally. You will be amazed to see how far it can go.


How To Go From Online Dating To Real Life Dating