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Learn how to stand out (the good way) in a group interview. These tips can make you easily be the better candidate for the job! 

Most people are accustomed to having one-on-one interviews when applying for a job as this is the most common method to get to know whether an applicant is good for the position or not. As an applicant, you may have a picture of how your interview is going to turn out, but there will be times where you will end up finding yourself in a room with other candidates for a group interview. 

While uncommon in the past, group interviews are now becoming an option for more companies. The experience can be daunting; hence, we are here to let you in on what to do when faced with a group interview.

How to Stand Out (In A Good Way) For A Group Interview

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What Usually Happens in a Group Interview?

The usual scenario for group interviews would be one where multiple candidates and interviewers are gathered in the same room. But there are times where there will be multiple candidates with only one interviewer or vice versa.

The setup would be similar to having a team meeting or project and each candidate will be given a question or an opportunity to share his or her thoughts on the given topic. Hence, it is important to establish your standing and create an impression that will make you stand out among the other candidates.

What Kinds of Questions Are Asked in a Group Interview?

One of the goals of group interviews would be to check how a person interacts with other people. This can simulate a possible working environment and is a good test to evaluate a person’s ability to become a team player. To start, you have to prepare answers to common or similar questions such as these. 

  • Personal Questions

Expect to be asked demographic questions such as your age, ethnicity, education, marital status, employment status, and more. These questions give them information for a simple background check. From here, they will be able to determine what approach and evaluation method are best applied to you. 

  • Opinion Questions

They may ask you about your opinion on specific matters or in certain situations. They can ask you what you think about your strengths and weaknesses. These questions are asked so they can analyze how you are to respond subjectively in the given circumstance. 

  • Behavioral Questions

When they ask you about an experience from the past such as solving a problem and the steps you did to execute the solution, this would mean one thing. They want to see how you are programmed to act by analyzing your decisions and actions in the past. This gives them an idea of how you are likely to behave in the future.

  • Situational Questions

When we speak of this type of question, we are talking about those that would ask you what you would do in certain situations. This usually focuses on a setting where you assume that you are already a member of the company. They would want to know how good you are at handling unexpected and challenging situations in the workplace. 

  • Competency Questions

You may also be asked to tell them about a skill that you have and how you were able to develop it. These questions will be focused on determining skills that you have acquired in the past that may be a good addition to the company. 

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What Should I Wear to a Group Interview?

Standing out in a group interview is way different than standing out in a social event. If you are to attend a group interview, you would want to get the right kind of attention and not the other way around.

To do so, make sure you attend it wearing generally professional attire. This can be in business or smart casual attire. Apart from this, make sure you are well-groomed and you are maintaining good hygiene at all times. Here’s more about what to wear in an interview.

Are Group Interviews Worth It?

Experiencing a group interview is worth it. This is because you get the chance to showcase yourself entirely and you are given a shot to show what you can do and how well you are in carrying yourself while still being able to relate well with others. Apart from this, it hones you into a person who can handle competition in a healthier state. 

How Long Should Group Interviews Be?

Since a lot of candidates are in the same room as you, expect to spend a longer time than usual. Some group interviews can be as short as 30 minutes; however, some may extend to 3 to 4 hours. This may be because of the volume of candidates that are to be interviewed in one go. So make sure to fill yourself in with a good meal and lots of water.

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3 Tips to How to Stand Out In a Group Interview

1. Be Courteous

It is important that you maintain a courteous approach to everyone. This means greeting everybody in the room and leaving no one out. Make sure to remember most of their names whether they are fellow candidates or a member of the interviewers’ group. This also means acknowledging other people for the work they do. And lastly, it is important that you listen intently when someone else is talking and you convey your thoughts properly and politely.

2. Give Relevant Answers

When you are in an interview, it is important that you think about your answer well before saying anything. Make sure that what you are to share contributes to the discussion or gives a resolution to the topic or problem on hand. Do remember that time is precious so make the most out of the time you are given to speak as it may be the pitch that your employer might be looking for.

3. Be Positive

Be confident and make sure to maintain a friendly attitude throughout the entire interview. Make friends and involve other candidates or interviewers in the conversation so as to show your capability to become a team player and to work without prejudice towards others despite competition. Try to put a smile on your face and avoid making facial expressions or doing gestures that may indicate insecurities and toxic competitiveness towards others.


Some people think group interviews are disasters waiting to happen. There are those who think that group interviews are good as rejection. The truth is that group interviews are done because of the efficiency and convenience it gives the company. So if you feel dreadful about being in one, you can use the tips mentioned above to nail it. Focus on ways that can help you stand out among the other candidates in your group interview. 


How to Stand Out (In A Good Way) For A Group Interview