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Looking for advice for your first online date? Whether it’s Tinder, Bumble, Match or whatever dating app you use, here are tips for a successful first date.

So you have your first dating app date but what does that even mean? If you’re feeling a bit nervous about your upcoming online love, don’t be.

Meeting up for the first time with the person that you’ve discovered online should be an exciting and awesome time. But just as it’s exciting, it is also a time to be prepared as well.

If you’re looking for some great tips for your first dating app date, you’re going to love these simple ideas!

Dating App First Date: Tips For Your First Online Date

dating app first date tips

What do you say on a first date after an online meeting?

Just because you’ve met this person online, it really doesn’t have to be all that different than any other first date. While you might have been communicating a ton online before meeting in person, there are still plenty of things that you can say to them once you meet them for the first time.

Talk about hopes, dreams, jobs, life, thoughts, and anything else that you feel like. You’ve already invested time getting to know this person so open up and allow the chance to see if your personalities are going to click.

What do you do on the first date with someone you met online?

Above everything, be safe. Even though you’ve been talking for a while, you still need to make certain that you’re safe in your meeting. Pick a public place and tell others where you’re going. That way, if something were to go weird, you’re not alone in the fact that you’ve communicated to others where you’re going to be.

Besides that, treat it like a normal first date. Have fun, be yourself, and see if you can really see yourself dating the person that you’ve met up with. Just because you’ve met online, there’s no obligation that this first date has to be a match made in heaven.

online dating first date

How long should first dates last?

This is hard to gauge because it all depends on what you’re going to do. If you’re meeting up for a coffee date, it likely isn’t going to last more than an hour or so. But if you’re going out for dinner and a movie, you can expect it to be several hours in length.

If you’re wanting to keep the first date shorter and more casual, plan on just doing dinner or one simple activity. Then, if you had a great time together, you can plan a second date that is going to be a longer duration of time.

How long should you talk online before meeting?

There are so many mixed thoughts about this. Some people feel like spending a ton of time talking online before a meeting is a big waste of time but that has to be up to you. You need to see how much you’re willing to invest in a relationship before you’re ready to go on a first date.

tinder first date tips

Tips for your first dating app date

Treat your first dating app date just like you would any date. Most of all, have fun! And just in case you need a few more dating tips, here are some simple ones to follow.

1. Ask about the pictures

Before agreeing to a date, ask how old the pictures of them are on their profile. That way, there’s a better chance of you getting what you came for when it come to the date.

2. Start Simple

Have the first date be something quick such as going for a cup of coffee or a drink. If it goes well, great! Make plans for the next one. If it doesn’t, then finish your drink fast and it’ll be over quickly.

3. Right Location

If they let you choose the place, try to choose something with some hustle and bustle that might be potential conversation starters. Sit outside or near a window so you’re able to comment on things that happen.

tinder dating tips

4. Smell Good

If you dress normally, your date probably won’t remember what you wore but they will remember how you smell. Scent is linked very close to memory and if you smell good, it almost always get complimented on. Test a few colognes or perfumes out before your date.

5. Prepare some questions

If you’re nervous, conversation may not come easily to you. Have some questions prepared beforehand that require a long-form answer (no yes/no questions). Examples would be “tell me about your childhood” or “what’s a typical day like at your job?”.

6. Remind yourself of the conversations

Chances are you have multiple dating app conversations going on. So before your first date, refresh your memory with what you guys already chatted about. That way, you could sidestep any potentially awkward questions.

7. Act like old friends

To help break the tension, try to think of your date as an old friend that you’re getting reacquainted with. This trick should help you feel more at ease and will help the other person feel more comfortable too.

tips for dating apps

8. Be yourself and enjoy the moment

Stressing out is going to make the date not fun at all. Instead of being stressed, allow yourself to have fun and be true to who you are.

9. Understand that it might not be a perfect date

The nerves are probably going to be high for both of you meeting for the very first time. This could be because it’s like to be nervous when meeting someone new or it could be because both of you have opened up a lot in your online conversations and you’re feeling vulnerable.

10. Don’t talk about other first dates or exes

And even though this shouldn’t have to be said, it’s going to be said anyway. When you’re on a date with anyone, don’t talk about how horrible your other dates have been and don’t bring up any of your exes. Your current date doesn’t want to hear anything about that and it just tends to put you in a bad light.

These simple tips will make your first dating app date a success and a lot of fun, too. And remember – if your first date goes well, there might be many more in your future!



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