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Needing a few tips for starting your new job successfully? Get rid of the nerves and use these simple and actionable tips instead! 

The first days are always the hardest. Starting out a new job with a new role in a new environment with new faces can be a bit daunting. While this is definitely true, who says you can’t make the most out of this new beginning? As a newbie, you can consider it a clean slate or a blank canvas that you can use as a springboard to your success. 

We all know that first impressions last so it is important to build rapport, learn the ropes, and handle first meetings appropriately. To make sure you start your job with the highest likelihood of success, we are to let you into the essentials of nailing a job’s first day.

Simple Tips for Starting Your New Job Successfully

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What do you do on your first day at a new job?

The first day isn’t really about just showing up to work. This requires a lot more effort on your part to make sure you set a good foundation for the rest of your stay in the company. 

  • Do Your Research.
    It is important to read about the company and learn about its visions and goals. This should be more than just memorizing their history and every key person’s name. This should entail understanding what kind of business they have, how they run it, and what relevance this has to your career plan and vice versa. 
  • Be a Sponge.
    Focus on listening and absorbing all the instructions and information they orient you with. Observe and learn about the workplace’s culture, dynamics, and social landscape. Ask questions if something is unclear and make sure to digest the answers so as not to forget important situations in the future. 
  • Build Rapport.
    If you are to be an intern in a company, it takes more than shaking hands to be a part of it. Always establish a good relationship with everyone regardless of position. Make sure to be sociable and open to new contacts as you build your network. 
  • Take Notes.
    There will be a lot thrown at you so bring a notepad and a pen to jot down some important things. For example, write down anything you have to complete as part of your onboarding or any important dates coming up soon.

What Should I Ask HR Before My First Day at a New Job?

It is important to have everything ironed out on your first day because this is the day where you get the most guidance and attention. So here are some things that you can ask your HR on your first day. 

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  • Ask about Logistics and Policy.
    Know about your specific roles and tasks in a day and ask about the requirements you need to furnish and their deadlines. Ask questions as to where you are to work, what time you are to report, and the people to who you need to report directly. It is also a good idea to ask for a copy of their handbook or policy to be familiarized with the dos and don’ts of the company. 
  • Benefits and Salary.
    This is a rather sensitive topic but it needs to be done. Ask specifics about your compensation in terms of schedule, arrangement, and exceptions. Ask about your benefits and possible deductibles or other payment-related fees or incentives in the company. 
  • Expectations.
    Ask about their expectations of you in terms of the roles you are to take on, how much workload they expect you to accomplish in a day and the training or seminars you have to attend if necessary. You can also go further and ask if they have a specific timeline and goals for you to reach. Making sure you know what is expected of you will enable you to perform and fulfill each one efficiently.

How Do I Make a Good Impression on the First Day of Work?

Good impressions last, unfortunately, bad impressions do too. Here are some tips that you can use to leave them with a good impression of you. 

  • Be Punctual and Presentable.
    It is vital that you do not arrive to work late, more so on your first day. Make it a habit to arrive a few minutes ahead of your schedule to avoid looking stressed and crammed. Also, make sure to dress appropriately or wear the prescribed uniform. Always practice proper hygiene to make sure you look neat, clean, and presentable at all times. 
  • Stay Positive and Take Initiative.
    Nobody wants a pessimistic person around them, especially at work. So make sure to keep a positive, enthusiastic, and outgoing personality and approach at work. It is also important to be initiative and willing to take tasks that are given and assigned to you.
  • Play the Part.
    You were hired for that position; now make sure you live up to their expectations. Tackle and accomplish your tasks earlier or on time. Avoid office gossip and politics and stick to maximizing your shift to doing work-related activities. Listen attentively and ask questions if you need to. 

What Should You Not Do on the First Day of A Job?

There are a lot of things that should not be done in the workplace, but here are those that you should be careful about especially on your first day at work.

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  • Come in Late and Unprepared.
    Apart from doing your research on your role and company, you should be able to furnish whatever requirement needed on that day. Coming in late automatically taints your record and first impression. 
  • Slack Off.
    Your first day is a clean slate so make sure to perform well and accordingly. Slacking off at work is never a good trait, more so if it is your first day. Showing how ineffective and lazy you are on your first day may get you sacked earlier than expected. 

Tips for Starting Your New Job Successfully

While there are specific actions recommended for making sure your first day goes smooth, here is a general guideline that can lead to making better decisions at work.

  • Work Ethics Matter.
    The way you handle and take on responsibilities and obligations says a lot about you. This also includes the way you approach and deal with people within the workplace. You can invest in making a good impression, but always remember that consistency is key. Work on developing good habits and strengthening your work ethics.
  • Be Open to Learning.
    It is always good to learn from those who are more experienced. Hence, you should understand that there is nothing wrong with asking questions. Wanting to learn is a healthy way of developing your skills, knowledge, as well as your relationships with others. 
  • Respect Boundaries.
    Boundaries exist for a reason. This is created to maintain balance and harmony in the workplace. So whether it is the company policy or a boundary set by a figure of authority, make sure to respect it and be careful when treading over important and sensitive matters. 


Landing the job is definitely a victory. But the real challenge is staying on top of your game and maintaining a good record throughout your stay in the company.

Your foundation starts on your first day. Therefore, it is worth preparing and working for. Learn and use the previous tips and pointers as you head on your first day of work. These will help you grow and improve personally and professionally while helping you achieve a good footing and a head start in your career.


Simple Tips For Starting Your New Job Successfully, First day of work advice