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It’s so important to find ways to get rid of nerves and be calm for a job interview. If you’re looking for simple tips, you’ll find them here! 

We have all been there. All of us have experienced having those butterflies in our stomach hours before meeting someone important, when attending an interview, or when waiting for results.

Everyone has experienced their own dose of nervousness because of a certain event. We cannot deny that this is normal and expected during an interview. Is this good? This will depend on how you manage it.

7 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Nerves And Be Calm For A Job Interview

Some people are good at handling their anxiety and nervousness during an interview. But unfortunately, there are those who end up missing an opportunity because of the inability to control it. 

nervous for job interview tips

Is It Bad to Be Nervous During an Interview?

No. It is not bad to be nervous in an interview because this is an inevitable and normal response of the body. However, what causes harm is the inability to control it. Someone who is nervous can still maintain their composure and seem confident during an interview. Nervousness only becomes bad if it affects your performance and reflects incompetence or lack of confidence. 

How Can I Be Confident In An Interview?

Confidence does not lie in words alone. A person who claims to be confident will be seen as the opposite if his actions do not align and reflect it. If you want to be confident in an interview, make sure to follow these tips.

  • Be ready

The only way you can be confident during an interview is to know that you are ready to take the challenge. Know about the job you want and learn about the company you are sending your application to. Be prepared with answers to some questions that may be asked in your interview. When you are prepared, you tend to be calmer and more willing to do it. 

  • Mind your eye contact and body language

During an interview, make sure to maintain proper eye contact with the person you are speaking to. This reflects your attentiveness and your confidence in interacting with them. Be conscious of your body language too. This says a lot about how you feel at the moment. Try to maintain an open stance or position while conversing.

how to be calm for job interview

  • Breathe and talk slowly

People who are nervous tend to breathe heavily and talk faster. If you feel nervous during an interview, make sure to take a deep, calming breath before answering a question. Take your time in conveying your replies and try to do so at a slow or normal pace. Make sure that you utter words properly because it is important for the interviewer to understand what you are saying. 

  • Look pleasant and smile

Your facial expression reflects how you are feeling. Try to practice your smile in the mirror a couple of times before the interview. Make sure to be conscious of your facial expressions. Avoid frowning or making unusual facial expressions as these may distract the interviewer and send the wrong signals. Make it a habit to smile and look calm.  

  • Be in the moment and enjoy it

Set your mind before the interview. Think positive thoughts and be ready for whatever the outcome may be. In this way, you condition your mind to enjoy the interview. This will let you answer questions better and in a more relaxed and confident way.

7 Ways to Get Rid of Nerves and Be Calm for a Job Interview

  • Condition your mind and body

The most basic thing before heading to an interview is making sure that you are fit and in the best shape. Make sure to get enough sleep and rest before the interview. Eat a good and nutrient-filled meal for energy. Hydrate properly and have some quiet time or meditation to condition your thoughts properly.

  • Be equipped

You have to be ready for whatever may come your way. Do proper research and prepare everything that may be asked of you. Prepare necessary documents and other requirements to keep you from being distracted and stressed over unnecessary distractions. Wear comfortable clothes and arrive wearing appropriate attire.

  • Do deep breathing exercises

If you do not know how to do breathing exercises yet, now is the best time to do them. When you feel a surge of anxiety or nervousness a few seconds before the interview, make sure to practice doing this to avoid panic attacks and prevent making mistakes. 

tips for being nervous during interviews

  • Practice self-talk

Your thoughts directly impact the quality of your life. Make sure to feed yourself positive thoughts before heading to an interview. Stay away from negative ideas and possibilities, instead, focus on what you want to achieve and talk yourself into getting the results you want to have.

  • Process your thoughts

When asked a question during an interview, make sure to take your time to gather and digest them properly. Before spouting an answer, spare a few seconds or minutes to form and analyze your answer. This will lessen the likelihood of giving unnecessary or wrong answers. 

  • Listen to music

If you are someone who easily gets distracted from noise or other things, bringing a device that can let you listen to calming music can help. Once you feel the huge dose of nervousness and anxiety coming, plug in your earphones and listen to calming music or meditations. This can help relax your body and clear your mind. 

  • Be ready for the outcome

During an interview, it is important to focus on your thoughts and be in the moment. Do not let your thoughts wander. Accept all the possibilities and results of the interview. Set your mind to give it your all and to accept whatever outcome that you may receive. If you do not get what you expect, remember that there are more opportunities for you. 


There is no doubt, interviews are daunting. Everyone gets to experience butterflies in their stomachs because feeling nervous before and during an interview is normal.

However, it is good to learn about ways on how you can control and handle nervousness. This automatically gives you an edge over others.

Overcoming the feeling of nervousness can help you become more confident and effective in presenting yourself in the process. Try incorporating these tips in your next interview and see the difference it makes.


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